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Gaston vu par tatania by Tatiana Domas - Illustration

Gaston vu par tatania

Ink wash


Une série de dessins inédit de Gaston vu par plusieurs dessinateurs avec le propre style
malheureusement il y en a certain dont je ne sais pas lire la signature ,,, merci d essayer de m aider

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About Tatiana Domas

Born in Lyon, Tatiana Domas obtained graduated from high school in 1994, and went to study Fine Arts at Saint-Etienne. Back in Lyon, she studied at the Emile Cohl art school from 1996 to 1999. She took courses in animation, illustration, caricatures, but also infographics. She met writer Denis-Pierre Filippi at a comics festival in 1999. They began a collaboration, which resulted in the series 'Téo' at the publishing house Delcourt.