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Francisco Solano Lopez, Carlos Sampayo, Evaristo V. - Shanty Town, page 2 - Comic Strip

Evaristo V. - Shanty Town, page 2

Comic Strip


In argentinian comics there is Allack Sinner, Mort Cinder and … Evaristo.

EVARISTO/Shanty Town: The anti-hero Evaristo is looking for a serial killer while a corrupt minister causes a fatal water-shortage – and riots – in the slums. A superb noir mini-masterpiece released 1986 in the American book Deep City with another 5 of all-in-all existing 16 short stories of a cop named Evaristo. Evaristo bends all the rules, fighting for justice and against a corrupt society in a totally repressive time and place.

Solano Lopez, member of the influential Venice Group with Hugo Pratt and Dino Battaglia. He alternated with Pratt on Oesterheld’s legendary Ernie Pike serial. Their most significant collaboration was the explosively political and hugely popular allegorical science fiction thriller El Eternauta. In 1959 López was forced to flee the Junta to Spain.

Carlos Sampayo, poet, critic and author was another outspoken creative Argentinean forced to flee the Junta in the early 1970s, settling in Spain where he and fellow expatriate Solano López produced the compelling anti-hero Evaristo.

The real Evaristo Meneses, born in 1907 was Police Commissioner in late 1950s in Buenos Aires and a living legend in argentina.

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About Francisco Solano Lopez

Francisco Solano López (October 26, 1928 – August 12, 2011) was a comics artist. Acknowledged as one of the most influential Argentine comics artists, he was best known as the co-creator of El Eternauta. López began his career in 1953 working for the publishing house Columba where he illustrated the series Perico y Guillerma. Working for Editorial Abril he met Héctor Germán Oesterheld, assigned to illustrate his series Bull Rocket for the magazine Misterix. They collaborated on the series Pablo Maran and Uma-Uma, before joining to start Oesterheld's publishing house Editorial Frontera. For the Frontera first publication of the monthly Hora Cero, the team produced the series Rolo el marciano adoptivo and El Héroe. López also alternated as artist on the Ernie Pike series with Hugo Pratt, Jorge Moliterni and José Antonio Muñoz. On September 4, 1957 in the publication of Hora Cero Suplemento Semanal, the science-fiction series El Eternauta made its first appearance.