For sale - Lucio Parrillo, Ember (Dungeons & Dragons) RECREATION - Original Illustration

Ember (Dungeons & Dragons) RECREATION

Original Illustration
circa 2006
Mixed Media
Oil and tempera on masonite
48 x 68 cm (18.9 x 26.77 in.)
Price : 2,500 €  [$]


Recreation of a piece realized for the Dungeons & Dragons series, the original piece had been published on Dragon Magic supplement, in September 2006.

Price: 2500€ + shipping


Frais de port pour l'Italie 15 EUR
Frais de port pour L'Europe par voie terrestre 25/30 EUR
Frais de port pour l'Europe par avion 30/40 EUR
Frais de port pour le reste du monde 60/100 EUR
(tarifs pour les envois NON assurés, les envois peuvent être assurés - les envois partent du lundi au mercredi)


Signed on the front and on the back


This is a RECREATION of a piece originally published in 2006 on a Dungeons & Dragons supplemente, she's Ember, a martial artist, apprentice to a silver dragon.

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About Lucio Parrillo

Lucio Parrillo is an artist, known for comic books, role-playing game covers, and Magic: The Gathering cards. Parrillo penciled the comics Vampire Girls, Coven 2 and Eternal Temptation, and also did the artwork on the series L' Empire Eternel. He has created covers for Skorpio, Lennox, and Lord of the Jungle. His Dungeons & Dragons work includes cover art for Champions of Ruin (2005), and interior art for Sharn: City of Towers (2004), Monster Manual III (2004), Eberron Campaign Setting (2004), Champions of Valor (2005), Spell Compendium (2005), Red Hand of Doom (2006), Tome of Magic (2006), Player's Handbook II (2006), Dragon Magic (2006), Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (2006), Rules Compendium (2007), and the fourth edition Manual of the Planes (2008), Thunderspire Labyrinth (2008), Pyramid of Shadows (2008), and Martial Power (2008).