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Eduardo Barreto Legend of the Dark Knight #60 page de titre

Planche originale
Techniques mixtes
43 x 28 cm (16,93 x 11,02 in.)
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Page 1 de Legend of the Dark Knight #60 Quarry Part II
Crayon + encre
Format 43 x 28 cm

A propos de Eduardo Barreto

Luis Eduardo Barreto Ferreyra (1954 – December 15, 2011) was an Uruguayan artist who worked in the comic book and comic strip industries including several years of prominent work for DC Comics. Luis Eduardo Barreto Ferreyra was born in 1954 in Montevideo, Uruguay. From the Sayago neighborhood, his childhood and youth house was in Calaguala street; and he grew up reading comics and being an avid supporter of his favorite soccer team, Club Nacional de Football. Two of his children, Diego and Andrea, also work in comics, Diego as an artist, and Andrea as a colorist; both occasionally collaborated with Eduardo Barreto. In interviews, Barreto reminisced about the time when, at age seven, he was reading a comic and decided he would grow up to be a professional comic strip artist.

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