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Druillet Original Lone Sloane a L'Encre de Chine , Dessin inédit METAL HEROS by Philippe Druillet - Illustration

Druillet Original Lone Sloane a L'Encre de Chine , Dessin inédit METAL HEROS

Mixed Media
Encre de Chine ,Crayon et Acrylique Rouge sur Papier Crème
40.5 x 30 cm (15.94 x 11.81 in.)
Lone Sloane en Pages 4 et 5 du Collector MÉTAL HÉROS
4Ème Plat ( Dracula ) et Couverture ( Lone Sloane ) du Collector MÉTAL HÉROS ,Éo ZANPANO 2014
Original Vendu de Dracula , avec un Bel Encadrement Professionnel avec Passe et Verre Anti-Reflet , Cadre Gris Métallisé .


Druillet pour un Original de Lone Sloane a L'Encre de Chine , Dessin inédit paru dans METAL HEROS .
C'est Le Seul Dessin Original avec 4 Planètes..., voir La Page 5 .


Signée a L'Encre de Chine + Tampon personnel de La Tête Hurlante de L'Artiste


Superbe illustration Originale inédite du Héros LONE SLOANE a L'Encre de Chine de Philippe Druillet .
1 des Dessins inédits Réalisé dans Les Années 2000 .


  • Metal heros
  • Zanpano
  • 03/2014
  • Page 4

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About Philippe Druillet

Philippe Druillet ( born June 28, 1944) is a French comics artist and creator, and an innovator in visual design. Druillet was born in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France but spent his youth in Spain, returning to France in 1952 after the death of his father. A science fiction and comics fan, Philippe worked as a photographer after graduating from high school, drawing only for his own pleasure. His first book appeared in 1966, entitled Le Mystère des abîmes (The Mystery of the Abyss). It introduced his recurring hero Lone Sloane and played on science-fiction themes partially inspired by his favourite writers, H. P. Lovecraft and A.E. van Vogt. Later Druillet created book covers for republications of Lovecraft's work, as well as numerous movie posters.