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Donald Duck - Last Train to Long Jump by Patrick Block - Illustration

Donald Duck - Last Train to Long Jump



I bought the page with the title Christmas for Shacktown. I contacted Patrick to check if this is correct, because I was missing any sign of Christmas and this is what Patrick wrote to me:

I also did a really big, very nice vertical watercolor maybe in the mid-1990s that features an old fashioned train with Donald stuck on the cowcatcher. That was based on a cover idea for an as-yet unpublished long story Shelly and I would like to do called "Last Train to Long Jump". I remember it as one of my very favorite early watercolor pieces....lots of yellows in it. (Patrick Block 9.10.2014)

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About Patrick Block

Pat Block was an artist of Disney comics for Gladstone between 1994 and 1997. By 1997 he started working for Egmont in Denmark, but then only as a scriptwriter in cooperation with his wife Shelly Block. One of his most notable stories is 'Somewhere in Nowhere', which was based on one of the final plot ideas by Carl Barks.