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Donald and Daisy by Mau Heymans - Sketch

Donald and Daisy


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About Mau Heymans

Mau Heymans is one of the most remarkable present day Dutch Disney artists. Born in Veldhoven, he started his career in 1987 at Oberon, at the time the publisher of the Dutch Disney publications. Mau is at his best in short, humorous stories with Donald Duck or the other Duck characters. His specific artwork on the Ducks, with their long necks and beaks, as well as the many goofy background jokes, makes his pages easily recognizable in the Donald Duck weekly. He has illustrated stories by other Duck scenarists, such as Frank Jonker, Evert Geradts, Jan Kruse and Gaute Moe, but he mainly draws stories that he has written himself. He has also written stories in cooperation with Kirsten de Graaf and Inge Bömer, including a great many years of back-covers gags starring Donald Duck and Daisy, or the 'Duckies'. Besides comic stories, Mau has also illustrated many crowded posters with the Duckburg characters. Mau's brother Bas is also an artist of Disney comics. In August 2000, in the 2500th issue of the Dutch Donald Duck, Mau Heymans introduced Lambiek's own Kees Kousemaker in one of his stories! Text (c) Lambiek