Dolls Killer T2 cover by Sergio Bleda - Original Cover

Dolls Killer T2 cover

Original Cover
Vallejo watercolor on Montavl paper.
43 x 66 cm (16.93 x 25.98 in.)
Cover published in France by Soleil.


Cover artwork for Dolls Killer´s second album.


  • Dolls killer 2
  • Soleil Productions
  • 07/2009
  • Front cover

About Sergio Bleda

Sergio Bleda began working as a professional comics artist in 1991, starting with strips for a local weekly magazine. These strips were collected in the book 'Los Saurios: Evolución' in 1993. He has worked with scriptwriter Rakel for the magazine Kiss Comix of Ediciones La Cúpula. They created 'La Novia y la Ladrona' (1994), 'Melrose Pleasure' (1996) and 'Hot Rockets' (1998). Bleda was also a sporadic contributor to El Víbora. He produced the mini-series 'El Baile Del Vampiro' for the publishing house Editorial Planeta in 1997, and this series earned him a nomination for best newcomer at the International Comics Festival of Barcelona. For the same publisher, Bleda has illustrated covers and pin-ups for the Spanish Marvel publications. In 2000, he produced 'The Prisoner' at MegaMultimedia, and a year later 'L'Vamp'. He has done illustrations and covers for independent publishers like Plaga and Undercomic, and has worked as a storyboard artist. For the Strip Art Features agency, he created the albums 'Duermete Niña' ('Sleep, Little Girl') and 'Bloody Winter', which has been translated in Dutch, French and English. He also assists the artist Kano on the series 'Hero' at DC Comics. Text (c) Lambiek

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