Doctor Strange by Kevin Nowlan - Sketch

Doctor Strange



Toulouse Game Show

About Kevin Nowlan

Born in Nebraska, Kevin Nowlan began his career in the early 1980s. He started out as an illustrator for the fan press through The Comics Journal and Amazing Heroes, but he soon moved to collaborations with such artists as Dan Jurgens and Gil Kane. He is mostly recognised for his inking work, which he himself likes to refer to as "finishing", but he has also done pencil work (such as 'Moon Knight'). He has worked on such titles as 'Batman', 'Legends of the DC Universe', 'Superman/Aliens', 'Moon Knight' and 'Star Wars'. Together with writer Alan Moore, he created 'Jack B. Quick, Boy Inventor' whose adventures appeared in Moore's Tomorrow Stories. He also contributed to the adult Penthouse Comix, and has done character designs for 'Batman: The Animated Series'. Text (c) Lambiek


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