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Dipartimento ESP by Giancarlo Caracuzzo - Comic Strip

Dipartimento ESP

Comic Strip


Encre sur carton. Planche inédite (détail) pour un épisode non publié de "Dipartimento ESP" série éditée dans la revue "Intrepido" puis en album format Bonelli.


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About Giancarlo Caracuzzo

Giancarlo Caracuzzo started out publishing in the Acme periodicals Splatter, Mostri, Torpedo and Zio Tibia. He illustrated several episodes of 'Nero' for Granata Press since 1991. For the Universe publishing house he was the graphic creator of the 'ESP' series. Founder of the Roman School of Comic Strips, he created numerous episodes of 'Miti Greci a Fumetti', a series in which Greek mythology is adapted to comics. He is also an artist for Bonelli, for which he did 'Martin Mystère' and 'Julia'.