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Delmonico's Erotika - Mi secretaria by Oscar Bazaldúa Nava - Illustration

Delmonico's Erotika - Mi secretaria

circa 2000
35 x 25.5 cm (13.78 x 10.04 in.)
Publication originale
Affiche du film "Secretary" ("La secrétaire") de Steven Shain, 2002berg

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About Oscar Bazaldúa Nava

Oscar Bazaldúa Nava has been working in Mexico comics since the 1980s. He studied for a year and a half at a commercial art school, but had to quit when the school collapsed in the 1985 earthquake. He then assisted Sixto Valencia on the libretto 'La Serpiente Desplumada' for a couple of years. He is a regular artist on so-called Ghetto Librettos of the publishing houses Toukán and Mango (cheap pulp comic books full of sex and violence such as Almas Perversas and Relatos de Presidio). Text (c) Lambiek