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Dédicace Hergé Tintin et Milou by Hergé - Sketch

Dédicace Hergé Tintin et Milou



Dédicace originale de 1976 du dessinateur HERGÉ sur page de garde de BD " VOL 714 pour SYDNEY " Edition CASTERMAN S.A TOURNAI D.1969/0053/117 Imprimé en Belgique.

Dessin dédicace sur page de garde ( détaché de la BD pour avoir été mise sous cadre )

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About Hergé

Hergé is one of the most important and influential comics creators in history. He singlehandedly launched the Belgian comics industry with his iconic humoristic adventure series 'Tintin' (1929-1983). Together with Morris' 'Lucky Luke' and René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's 'Astérix' it's one of the best-selling European comics in the world. Even though 'Tintin' only counts 23 available album titles they have been translated in every conceivable language, including dialects. The quiffed reporter in plusfour pants later received his own magazine, Tintin (1946-1992), which became one of the most succesful European comics magazines of all time. Other well known series by the maestro are 'Quick et Flupke' (1930-1940) and 'Jo, Zette et Jocko' (1936-1940). More than any other comic artist, Hergé gave the medium tremendous prestige. Both artwork and stories are at the highest quality level. He developed his own graphic style, the "Ligne Claire" ("Clear Line"), which is even regarded as a genuine artistic movement. The man was a master in crafting suspenseful page-turners where humor is never far away. Storylines range from crime thrillers, exotic treasure hunts, intrigueing mysteries to clever political satire. He was one of the first comics artists to deal with more mature themes and still appeal to all ages. Text (c) Lambiek