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Dédicace de Jousselin dans Imbattable tome 1 by Pascal Jousselin - Sketch

Dédicace de Jousselin dans Imbattable tome 1

Felt-tip pen


Dédicace de Jousselin dans Imbattable tome 1
Dédicace réalisée lors de la Fête de la BD à Bruxelles les 14, 15 et 16 septembre 2018

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About Pascal Jousselin

Pascal Jousselin is a Rennes based comics author and illustrator of books for children, the press, guides, novels, advertisements and the internet. He has created several albums for the publishing house Treize Étrange, starting with 'Fiesta' in 2000. That same year, he began the series 'Voltige et Ratatouille'. He works a lot with Brüno, who co-wrote the scenarios of most of the 'Voltige' albums, and who co-created the albums 'Les Aventures de Michel Swing' and 'L'Ultime Pouvoir'. The concept of the 'Voltige' series is that is made by several artists (also Jicépol, Massonnet, Szalewa, Ryser, Steve Baker and Domas have made albums in the series) and that it is double-layered: it can be read by both children and adults. Text (c) Lambiek