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Dédicace de Carin dans Ennemis de sang tome 1 by Francis Carin, David Caryn - Sketch

Dédicace de Carin dans Ennemis de sang tome 1

Mixed Media


Dédicace de Carin dans Ennemis de sang tome 1
Dédicace réalisée lors du festival BD Liège (Salon Vert Bleu Soleil) le 13 février 2016.

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About Francis Carin

After following an art education at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège, Francis Carin began his career in the mid-1970s with working for some advertising magazines. In 1976, he started contributing to Pourquoi Pas?, and two years later, he did his first comics work for Spirou magazine. He assisted Arthur Piroton on 'Les Casseurs de Bois', and later started his own series, 'Les Diables Bleus', with scenarist Michel Pierret. In addition, Carin made a number of short stories for Tintin in several genres, including western, science fiction and humor. In 1983 he began his long series, 'Victor Sackville,' with scenario writers Gabrielle Borile and Rivière, in Pourquoi Pas?. This series was later continued in Tintin, Hello Bédé and a series of albums. In 1986, Carin came up with the 'Sydney Bruce' series in Circus, this time in cooperation with only Rivière. Since 1988, he is also a frequent contributor to I Love English and Je Bouquine, both published by Bayard. He joined the publishing house Casterman in 2004, to succeed Christophe Simon as the artist of Jacques Martin's series 'Lefranc', in cooperation with background artist Didier Desmit.