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Cyberforce #34 Cover by David Finch, Joe Weems - Illustration

Cyberforce #34 Cover

The book


  • Royal Blood Act 3
  • Image
  • 07/1997
  • Front cover


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About David Finch

David Finch is a Canadian-born comics artist known for his work on Top Cow Productions' Cyberforce, as well as numerous subsequent titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, such as The New Avengers, Moon Knight, Ultimatum, and Brightest Day. He has provided album cover art for the band Disturbed, and done concept art for films such as Watchmen. David Finch started his comics career drawing Top Cow Productions' Cyberforce, after series creator and studio founder Marc Silvestri ceased his run as writer/artist on that book. Finch co-created Ascension with Matt "Batt" Banning. He later worked on the first three issues of Aphrodite IX with David Wohl. In 2003, Finch returned to comics for a year–long arc on Ultimate X-Men with writer Brian Michael Bendis. Following that, the duo moved on to Avengers, where they destroyed Marvel's premiere superhero team and then relaunched it as The New Avengers featuring a radically different cast. Finch worked on the revamped Moon Knight series with novelist Charlie Huston and then illustrated Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #4, featuring Spider-Man. This was followed by the [[Ultimatum (Ultimate Marvel)|Ultimatum] limited series for the Ultimate Marvel line. In addition to interior comics work, he has drawn several covers including those of "World War Hulk";