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Thomas Frisano, Maric, Couverture Relations Publiques tome 1 - Original Cover

Couverture Relations Publiques tome 1

Original Cover
38.5 x 51 cm (15.16 x 20.08 in.)


Signée (en haut à droite)


Couverture du tome 1 de "Relations Publiques" paru en 1999 chez Glenat.
Merci à Osborn pour la vente de cet original.

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About Thomas Frisano

Thomas Frisano is the son of French artist Jean Frisano, and the nephew of Pierre Frisano. He made his comics debut in Métal Hurlant with 'Les 12 Travaux d'Art Cool', a comic written by Jean-Pierre Dionnet. The story was published in album by Albin Michel in 1990. Afterwards, he left the comics field and focused on illustration and adverting work. He did numerous cover illustrations for Marvel France and Lug. Between 1998 and 2000 he returned to comics with the 'Relations Publiques' series, which he made in cooperation with the scenarist Maric for the publishing house Glénat. Text (c) Lambiek