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Hugo Pratt, Secondo Bignardi, Corto Maltese 1977 cartoon cel - Comic Strip

Corto Maltese 1977 cartoon cel

Comic Strip


Cm 25x17
from "sogno di un mattino di mezzo inverno",

see here at 3'50" :

cartoon is made with about 160 cels, mine is number 147, only 3 Corto Maltese cartoons were made under the instructions of Hugo Pratt whose style was closely followed by the Bignardi Studio for this very popular tv show

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About Hugo Pratt

Hugo Pratt is considered to be one of the greatest among comic artists for his versatile fantasy and use of graphic freedom, and the combination of these factors resulted in very strange stories. In his tales, reality can change into dream and vice-versa, and in this way he took his readers into the strangest lands and even through time. He is thought to be one of the first comic artists to mix literature with adventure. Hugo Pratt has been a great inspiration to comic artists all over the world.