For sale - Coquin le petit cocker par Calvo by Edmond-François Calvo, Marijac - Comic Strip

Coquin le petit cocker par Calvo

Comic Strip
Mixed Media
Encre de Chine, crayon bleu et gouache blanche
28.5 x 21 cm (11.22 x 8.27 in.)
On hold


Planche remontée par Calvo de "Coquin le petit cocker" pour une histoire publiée aux
Editions Futuropolis, à l'encre de Chine, au crayon bleu et à la gouache blanche.


Signée Calvo

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About Edmond-François Calvo

Edmond-François Calvo was a grandmaster in animal comics, full of social criticism, such as his 1944 masterpiece 'La Bête est Mort', but also for his many series for the French press, like 'Patamousse' and 'Moustache et Trottinette'. While being a caricaturist for among others Le Canard Enchaîné, Calvo held several other jobs, including innkeeper and wood carver.