Concombre Masqué by Nikita Mandryka - Comic Strip

Concombre Masqué

Comic Strip
21 x 15 cm (8.27 x 5.91 in.)


Un petit dessin sans prétention pour retrouver avec bonheur le concombre du maître Mandryka.

About Nikita Mandryka

Nikita Mandryka (born October 20, 1940) is a French cartoonist of Russian origin.[1] He started drawing in the Vaillant magazine, before moving to Pilote in 1967, and then created L'Écho des savanes along with Claire Bretécher and Marcel Gotlib in 1972. He left this magazine in 1979, going back to Pilote as editorial director. His major and better known works are the Concombre masqué (The Masked Cucumber) stories. He won the Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême in 1994.

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alessiu Super illustration ! Toute la poésie de Mandryka ! Un de mes auteurs favoris !
Sep 21, 2018, 8:58 PM