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Complot - page 20 - Arkya fille des dunes. by René Bastard, Henri Bourdens - Comic Strip

Complot - page 20 - Arkya fille des dunes.

Comic Strip
Mixed Media


Parution dans Vaillante en 1947 - revue éphèmere pour les lectrices !

About René Bastard

After his studies in anatomy and sculpting, René Bastard had several jobs before he devoted himself to comics. At age 40 he moved to Paris where he started a cooperation with Opera Mundi and Hardi les Gars, where he created several western stories. In 1946 he started working for Vaillant, where he made the series 'Nasdine Hodja' and several illustrations for novels. In 1947 he started his most famous series, 'Yves le Loup', with writer Jean Ollivier. This series ran until 1960. While working for Vaillant, Bastard made 'Arkya' for Vaillante, the female version of Vaillant. Also active for the daily press, Bastard made 'La Légende d'Eulenspiegel' in Ce Soir in 1952. A year later, he produced 'Chronique du Règne Charles IX', based on the work of Propsper Mérimée, in L'Humanité and La Marseillaise. From August 1959 to 1960 he made 'Perceval' for the publishing house Aventures et Voyages. He also cooperated on Francs-Jeux until 1967. Text (c) Lambiek

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