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Collection Particulière by Loustal - Illustration

Collection Particulière

Le port folio


Dessin original pour une illustration du port folio "Collection Particulière" co-édité par PMJ et les éditions du couloir en janvier 1998




Port folio édité à 200 exemplaires dans une jolie collection conçue par Martin Matje

About Loustal

Jacques de Loustal is one of the most popular French contemporary artists, and his influences lean more towards fine art than to comics. Loustal has been in Africa for a good part of his life, which is strongly reflected in his comics. While still studying architecture, he cooperated on the fanzine Cyclone, which was published by his college in Sèvres. After cooperating on among others Rock & Folk, he started making some short comic stories for Métal Hurlant, Pilote, Nitro, Chic, Zoulou and Libération, mostly in cooperation with writer Philippe Paringaux. Some of his work for Métal Hurlant has been published in albums by Humanoïdes Associés, like 'New York', 'Miami' and 'Clichés d'Amour'.

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