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Clara de Noche - Catwoman by Jordi Bernet - Comic Strip

Clara de Noche - Catwoman

Comic Strip
Mixed Media


Clara de Noche 139 -1

Cette planche me tentais depuis longtemps, tout d’abord c'est une planche de Jordi Bernet, dont j'adores le dessins en N&B.
Ensuite, j'aimes bien la série Clara de Noche, je la trouves bien fait, rigolo, sans grande prétention.
Et finalement, il y a Clara déguisée en Catwoman dessus, je pourrais pas laisser passer cette planche.

En plus, j'ai eu le strip complet.

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About Jordi Bernet

Jordi Bernet Cussó (born June 14, 1944) is a Spanish comics artist, best known for the gangster comics series Torpedo and Jonah Hex. He was born in Barcelona, the son of a Spanish comic book artist, Miguel Bernet. He made his debut in comics at fifteen, continuing his father's humorous series Doña Urraca (Mrs. Magpie) after his death in 1960, under the pseudonym "Jordi". While this could support his family, it did not satisfy his artistic ambitions that were inspired by artists such as Hal Foster, Alex Raymond and Milton Caniff. From 1962, Bernet developed a more realistic style, and took on smaller assignments from Italian and British publishers, until he started illustrating for the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou in 1965. He drew the series Dan Lacombe with his uncle Miguel Cussó as writer, and created a similar series Paul Foran with writer José Larraz, but due to disagreements over editing decisions by Dupuis, Bernet ended the relationship with Spirou.