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Chasseuse by Jean Torton - Comic Strip


Comic Strip
Mixed Media
38.5 x 27.5 cm (15.16 x 10.83 in.)

About Jean Torton

Jean Torton started drawing for the magazine Tintin in 1962. For this magazine he created numerous short stories and the historical comics 'Les Conquérants du Mexique' and 'Cortés à Mexico'. While still working for Tintin, he collaborated on the 'Astérix' and 'Tintin' animated movies at the end of the sixties. During the seventies and eighties, he turned towards adult comics, for which he used the pseudonym Jéronaton. Torton started out at Métal Hurlant with 'Champakou', 'L'Oeuf du Monde' and 'Les Amazones'. For the last couple of years, he has been applying himself to a hyperrealistic style, which can be seen in works such as 'La Fresque Biblique' and 'Yeshoua, la Promesse du Royaume'. Text (c) Lambiek
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