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Charly by Magda, Denis Lapière - Original Cover


Original Cover
Spirou 3003
4È de couverture de l'album
Verso de la planche


Illustration de couverture du Spirou 3003, annonçant l'épisode de Charly "Cauchemars". Bon nombre d'originaux de Magada sont encré sur calque.
Les 4 personnages de dos furent réutilisés pour la 4è de couverture de l'album

About Magda

Magda Seron, who signs her work with her first name, started out doing commercial art, but began her career in comics at the Studio Édouard Aidans in 1977. There she did the artwork on 'Tumak', written by Linsenn, for the newspaper Vers l'Avenir. In the following year, she teamed up with Chris Lamquet, with whom she made 'François Silence et Louise Saint-Louis' in Tremplin and the ecoligical comic 'Marie Meuse et Gilles Roux' for Tintin. In 1990, she moved to Spirou magazine and the publishing house Dupuis, where she and writer Denis Lapière began the adventure series about the paranormal boy 'Charly'. After a first cycle dealing with Charly and his living toy, Cap'tain Foudre, the authors began a new series, starring an older Charly who has to deal with his paranormal gift. Text (c) Lambiek

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