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Cecile Chicault / Fables de Lafontaine by Cécile Chicault - Illustration

Cecile Chicault / Fables de Lafontaine



Illustration de la fable : Le chat , la belette et le petit lapin éditée chez Delcourt .

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About Cécile Chicault

Cécile Chicault worked as a drawing teacher after her art studies. She quit her dayjob after the birth of her daughter and started doing comics. She also began studying fine arts ini Angoulême. She joined the Atelier Sanzot, where she worked together with Mazan, Isabelle Dethan and Jean-Luc Loyer. She did several commissions in the communication field. Her first comic was the Grimm adaptation 'Le Diable aux Trois Cheveux d'Or', that appeared in the collection Jeunesse at Delcourt in 1999. In the same collection, she began the 'Zélie' series in 2000. Text (c) Lambiek