Cavazzano, pl de Pif by François Corteggiani, Giorgio Cavazzano - Comic Strip

Cavazzano, pl de Pif

Comic Strip


Une planche de Cavazzano qui a mis son dynamisme au service de Pif et Hercule, lui qu'on connaît aussi pour ses contributions à l'univers Disney.
L'attaque des Rats a de quoi rappeler un certain Macherot, ce qui nous met au milieu de pas mal d'influences et d'écoles, finalement...

About François Corteggiani

François Corteggiani is one of the most prominent contemporary French comic writers. He has written stories in many genres and styles, from adventure serials in the tradition of Charlier to humor comics in cooperation with artists like Pierre Tranchand, Philippe Bercovici, and Giorgio Cavazzano. Although mainly known for his writing activities, Corteggiani started his career as an artist. Text (c) Lambiek


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