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Fred & Liliane Funcken, Cavalerie loyaliste des

Cavalerie loyaliste des "Queen's rangers" + éclaireur indien

Original Illustration
27 x 33 cm (10.63 x 12.99 in.)


Illustration page 33 du tome 2 des uniformes et armes des soldats des EU.


Signé n bas à gauche


Magnifique indien

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About Fred & Liliane Funcken

The Belgian artist couple Fred and Liliane Funcken are best known for creating various historical comics for the magazine Tintin in the 1950s and 1960s. While most were one-shot stories, they've also created actual series like 'Le Chevalier Blanc' (1953-1973), 'Harald le Viking' (1956-1967), 'Jack Diamond' (1959-1960), 'Lieutenant Burton' (1962-1967), 'Capitan' (1963-1971) and 'Doc Silver' (1967-1969). Their work is characterized by a realistic, precise style which gives their comics a classic touch. Both Fred as well as Liliane collaborated on stories and artwork to the point that their work is indistinguishable from one another. Text (c) Lambiek