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Captain America - Kid Cap mom & Dad by Mike Zeck - Comic Strip

Captain America - Kid Cap mom & Dad

Comic Strip
38.1 x 25.4 cm (15 x 10 in.)


Captain America 283 Page 1

About Mike Zeck

Michael Zeck was born in Greenville, Pennsylvania. After graduation from high School, he went to Ringling School of Art in 1967 and after art school, he returned to Fort Lauderdale and started working at the Migrant Education Center in 1970. In the meantime, he sent out his sample comic portfolio to publishers and was invited to do some illustration assignments for Charlton Comics in 1974. This led to him doing story and cover work for Charlton's horror comics. After that, Mike Zeck left the school board job to concentrate on a career in comics. In 1977, Michael Zeck started working for Marvel on 'The Master of Kung Fu'. He assisted Wally Wood part-time in that period and was assigned to draw monthly for 'Master of Kung Fu'. He worked on 'Aquaman', 'Batman and Robin', 'Green Lantern', 'Captain America' (from 1981 to 1984), 'G.I. Joe' and 'Lobo'. Mike Zeck drew some of the best stories of the 1980s for Marvel and DC Comics, such as the 'Kraven's Last Hunt' series in 'Spider-man', the 'Punisher' limited series and 'Secret Wars'. In 1988. he created a series of covers for 'Batman, Ten Nights of the Beast'. He worked for DC Comics on 'Deathstroke, The Terminator'. He became the artist for many DC Comics, Marvel and independent covers in the 1990s. Zeck worked together with Steven Grant on 'Damned' for Homage in 1997.

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renardeau Très sympa!
Dec 3, 2017, 12:17 PM