Captain Amercia by Dave Hoover, Dan Bulanadi - Comic Strip

Captain Amercia

Comic Strip


Page originale de Captain America #443 page 3 datée de septembre 1995 avec Captain dans 5 cases.
Au dessin Dave Hoover a travaillé sur de grands titres tels que Amazing Spider-Man, Punisher, Tarzan, Conan the barbarian, Fantastic Four, Wolverine…
L’encrage est de Dan Bulanadi (Conan, Fantastic Four, Avengers West Cost…)

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About Dave Hoover

Dave Hoover was a student of art and animation at the Art Institute of Philadelphia in the 1970's. He began his artistic career as an animator in 1977 and worked for eight years on many television productions and two feature films. He became a comic book artist in 1987 and worked as a penciler on many titles for both DC and Marvel, including lengthy runs on Starman and Captain America. He was the primary artist for the entire 13-issue run of The Wanderers title for DC. In 1999 Hoover became a faculty member of his old alma mater, the Art institute of Philadelphia, where he taught art up until the time of his death in 2011. In his later years he became known for his 'good girl' art and created many appealing pinups. Supergirl was his favorite character to draw, and he probably created more pinups of her than any other character.