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Candélabres by Algésiras - Illustration



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About Algésiras

She moved to France, where she received her high school diploma with a scientific option. Her drawing teacher encouraged her to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts in Angoulême. She spent four years at the Academy's comics section, while earning some money by translating scripts and doing lay-out work for the animation firms Octopussy Animations and Les Armateurs. Algésiras participated in the collective album 'Les Enfants du Nil - Anges' by Delcourt in 1993. She spent several years developing her first comics project, 'Candélabres', about a physically handicapped man who regains the use of his legs through a mysterious person. The first volume was published by Delcourt in 1999, and three more books followed in 2000, 2002 and 2005. Most of her comics output since then has been as a scriptwriter for others, or as a contributor to anthologies. She wrote an adaptation of Pierre Bordage's space opera trilogy 'Les Guerriers du Silence' for Delcourt's Neopolis collection between 2005 and 2008, with artwork by Philippe Ogaki. It was followed by 'Elinor Jones', a romantic series of three books set in the Victorian age, which was drawn by Aurore (Soleil, 2010-2012). She participated in a collective book with comic adaptations of Yannick Noah songs (Delcourt, 2007), and to 'Paroles d'Étoiles' (Soleil, 2008), a comics documentary about children who grew up during World War II.