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For sale - Cable. Number 102. Page 3. by Igor Kordey - Comic Strip

Cable. Number 102. Page 3.

Comic Strip
44 x 28 cm (17.32 x 11.02 in.)
Price : 150 €  [$]

About Igor Kordey

While his best-known work is featured in New X-Men, he has a very diverse repertoire, moving between traditional pencils and inks to fully painted panels. Because of his speed as an artist, at his peak, he was producing artwork for three or four monthly books at the same time. Igor Kordey (born 1957) is a Croatian comic book artist. His artistic output has been relatively light in recent years. He was announced to be joining Chris Claremont (with whom he has collaborated on X-Treme X-Men) on a 2004 relaunch of Excalibur, but was replaced by Aaron Lopresti before its debut, even though he was already well into drawing the second issue. He has suggested that it may have had to do with disagreements with management.
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