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Brouyère : Al Alo, "Des roses pour le PDG" planche 3

Comic Strip
41 x 31 cm (16.14 x 12.2 in.)
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Jean-Marie Brouyère : Al Alo, "Des roses pour le PDG" planche 3. Histoire complète de 5 planches publiée dans le journal Spirou n° 1757 du 16 décembre 1971. La planche est gondolée.

Encre de chine sur papier. Dimensions : 31x41 cms

About Jean-Marie Brouyère

After studying at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, Jean-Marie Brouyère began his professional career at International Press in 1961. His first comics work appeared in Tintin in the second half of the 1960s ('Onomatopax', 'Toutouffu'), but Brouyère did his best remembered comics work for the magazine Spirou in the 1970s. He joined the Spirou team in 1971, and started out the with comic about plumber 'Al Alo', for which he did both artwork and scenario. He also illustrated various game pages as well as the espionnage comic 'Bug 30' in 1973. Soon afterwards, Brouyère became a prolific scriptwriter for the magazine. Still in 1971, he created the hard-boiled action series 'Archie Cash' with Malik, who modeled Archie's looks after actor Charles Bronson. Brouyère wrote this series until 1987. His other writing credits include 'L'Epervier Bleu' (with art by Sirius), 'Aymone' (by Renaud), 'Naufragés de l'Escalator' (by Antoinette Collin) and 'Coursensac et Baladin' (by Hislaire). In 1980, he made the album 'Chambre Noire pour Cristaline' for the publisher Deligne. Having left the comics field in the 1980s, Jean-Marie Brouyère passed away in December 2009. Text (c) Lambiek

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