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Brick Bradford - In the city beneath the sea by Clarence Gray, William Ritt - Comic Strip

Brick Bradford - In the city beneath the sea

Comic Strip
18 x 64 cm (7.09 x 25.2 in.)
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Deux strips originaux à suivre de Brick Bradford dans "In the city beneath the sea" publiés en 1933. Chaque strip fait 64 x 18 cm.

About Clarence Gray

Before even being able to decide what art school to attend, Clarence Gray was employed as an editorial and sports cartoonist by the Toledo News-Bee. He also became a contributor to various national magazines. In 1933, he started the 'Brick Bradford' strip, with texts by William Ritt, for the Central Press Association of Cleveland. Brick Bradford, by Clarence Gray, 1940 The series started out as an adventure series, but became one of the most exciting science fiction strips of its time upon the creation of the Sunday page in 1934. In 1935, Gray also drew the companion strip 'The Time Top'. In 1952, when Ritt stopped writing, Gray left the daily strip to Paul Norris, doing only the Sunday strip himself. Clarence Gray died in 1957, aged 56.

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JCS premiers strips d'une série mythique, on ne peut pas trouver mieux !
Mar 3, 2019, 3:06 PM