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Boxe by Raúl - Illustration



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About Raúl

Self-taught artist Raúl Fernández Calleja, who signs his work with his first name, began his career in the Madrid comics scene in the early 1980s. Much of his comics work appeared in the magazines Cairo and Madriz. He began a fruitful and experimental collaboration with scriptwriter Felipe H. Cava, with whom he made two short stories about early 1930s Berlin for the magazines Complot and Madriz before embarking on their impressive comic 'Berlin 1931' in 1991. Raúl's artwork for this comic, about the rise of fascism in Germany, was inspired by painters like Liebermann, Kirchner, Heckel and Grosz. Raul additionally created the serial 'Moliere' for Pintebeos in 1992, and contributed to magazines like Blagdaross, BloKes, Cinemania, Complot!, Cyber Fantasy, El Ojo Clínico, Grafito, Medios Revueltos, Pautas, Piñon, Rambla and Senda del Cómic. He has illustrated for papers like La Razón in Madrid, La Vanguardia in Barcelona and El País. Another album Raúl created with Cava was 'Ventanas a Occidente'. Text (c) Lambiek