For sale - Bleu Pétrole by Fanny Montgermont - Comic Strip

Bleu Pétrole

Comic Strip
38 x 56 cm (14.96 x 22.05 in.)
Price : 450 €  [$]


Planche 52

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About Fanny Montgermont

Fanny Montgermont studied Applied Arts and initially focused on a career as a graphic designer. Her first comic was 'Elle', a series of two books about a young female resistance fighter during World War II, published by Paquet in 2003 and 2005. Her work was noted by scriptwriter Alcante, who invited her to draw his script for 'Quelques jours ensemble', that was published in the Dupuis collection Aire Libre in 2008. The successful collaboration resulted in a second book for the same collection in 2012, 'Clair-obscur dans la vallée de la lune'. Text (c) Lambiek