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Benoît Roels, Bleu lézard : Ellen et Caroline Baldwin - Original Illustration

Bleu lézard : Ellen et Caroline Baldwin

Original Illustration
Ink wash
27 x 35 cm (10.63 x 13.78 in.)


Dessin original au lavis très proche de la couverture de Bleu lézard T6 "L'appât" de 2004 représentant Ellen et Caroline Baldwin.




Superbe dessin au lavis de Benoit Roels dont on voit rarement les oeuvres.


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About Benoît Roels

Benoît Roels attended the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, where he specialized in comic art. He graduated in 1988, and began studies in Roman Philology as back-up plan when his career in comics wouldn't succeed. He was assigned by the publishing house Lombard to draw a series of comic adaptations of the Jean-Louis Foncine novel series 'Les Pays Perdus' with writer Jean-François di Giorgio for the collection Signe de Piste. He additionally made illustrations for the novel 'Les Vergnes de l'Ognon', and created stage set designs for Brussel's fantasy film festival. In 1993, he worked with Di Giorgio again to create the comic story 'Les Fous de Monk' in Hello Bédé. In that same year, he also began an association with Dargaud to create 'Oknam', a series in which his girlfriend and future wife had the starring role and in which he could draw a great variety of cultures. He did art and script for one album, but then left the scriptwriting to Pascal Renard until the fifth album in 1996. Roels and Renard then created the futuristic series about the writer 'Wooly Wan' for Lombard, but the project was cut short due to the death of the writer. Between 1998 and 2004, Roels created his own series, 'Bleu Lézard' in the Glénat collection Bulle Noire. In 2006 he teamed up with Maryse and Jean-François Charles to make a comic adaptation in four books of Christian Jacq's 'Les Mystères d'Osi