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Justin Green, Binky Brown's Holiday in Lisbon - Original Illustration

Binky Brown's Holiday in Lisbon

Original Illustration
Print of the original artwork


I was able to convince the comix legend and friend Justin Green to do a commission of his famous Binky Brown autobiographical character.
Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary is a autobiographical comic by American cartoonist Justin Green, published in 1972, one year before I was born and was one of the defining moments for comics in general in my opinion so I'm very honored to have been able to follow every adventures and disadventures through the last years that Justin overcome to be able to conclude this marvelous artwork that I now am very proud to have it in my collection.
Justin have had progressive trouble with his eyesight and finishing the artwork was a real challenge the he was able to overcome and conclude it in an even greater way from what I ever expected.
He even did a print from it and if you can still find it I must say it is brilliant, striking and huge and you can see the image of it to confirm :)


Signed and dedicated along the left side of the artwork


Yeah, it's HUGE and I'm extremely proud of it!!! :)

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