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Billy the Cat, 1992. by Stéphane Colman, Stephen Desberg - Sketch

Billy the Cat, 1992.



Stéphane COLMAN
: encre de chine pour une dédicace de Billy et Billy (Billy enfant et Billy chat) de la série Billy the Cat scénarisée par Stephen DESBERG, feuille libre, 1992.

Après deux courts récits en 1981 et 1982, de 1989 à 2007 Billy the Cat est publié dans le Journal de SPIROU et en albums aux Editions DUPUIS. Cette dédicace réalisée en 1992 correspond donc à un moment-clef, celui où la série vient d'être mise en place et où elle va prendre son essor.

About Stéphane Colman

Stéphan Colman is a Belgian comic book artist and writer, best-known as the original artist of 'Billy the Cat'. Born Stéphane Colman in Liège, he got his artistic interests through his grandfather, the painter Robert Crommelinck. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège, after presenting his work to Jijé. He published his first story ('Marsouin Pedzouille') in magazine Aïe! in 1980. He also contributed to the rock magazine En Attendent. After his military service, he made his solo comic 'White... le Choc!', that was published by Magic Strip in 1981. He then worked with the painter Fernand Flausch on 'Radical Café, that was also published by Magic Strip. Together with writer Stephen Desberg, he made a first rendition of his future series 'Billy the Cat' in a 20 page short story for magazine Spirou in 1982. Next, Colman left the comics world for several years to work in the advertising field. In 1988, he became artistic director of the ICOM, a company that conceives videoclips and communication films for among others MTV. In 1987, he returned to comics with a new version of 'Billy the Cat', again in cooperation with Desberg and for the magazine Spirou. The popularity of this series led to a TV cartoon series, which began in 1997. Colman eventually handed over the artwork of 'Billy the Cat' to Péral in 2002. Text (c) Lambiek


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Bdborabora Sympa , Belle Dédicace d'époque avec L'Ancien et Le Nouveau Billy !!.
Mar 15, 2017 9:46 AM