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Bichancourt T3 by Serge Mogère - Sketch

Bichancourt T3



Dédicace sur EO "Les riches heures d'Arnauld de Bichancourt" Tome 3
Edition toilée et numérotée

Scénario : Mogère, Serge
Dessin : Mogère, Serge
Couleurs : Balland, Sophie
Dépot légal : 11/2010
Editeur : Assor Bd
Format : Format normal

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About Serge Mogère

Serge Mogère was already a very active painter at the age of 12. Between 1970 and 1980, he painted and took part in expositions in London, Villingen, and Paris. As a comics artist, he first came to attention in 1980, when he won a prize at a contest at the Angoulême festival. In 1983, he published his 176 page black-and-white comic 'Samaturo le Samourai', about medieval Japan, with a preface by Osamu Tezuka. In the following years, Mogère mainly did illustration work for postcards and posters, while he also took on painting again. He returned to comics in 1989, when he participated in the collective album 'Tourmente sur Brutusvilliers'. In 1992, he made the first album of the historical series 'Les Riches Heures du Chevalier Arnauld'. He revived the series at the publishing house Assor BD in 2000, under the title 'Les Riches Heures d'Arnauld de Bichancourt'. Text (c) Lambiek