For sale - Berck : Panchico, Viva Panchico planche 9 by Berck - Comic Strip

Berck : Panchico, Viva Panchico planche 9

Comic Strip
48.5 x 34.5 cm (19.09 x 13.58 in.)
Price : 750 €  [$]
Journal Tintin
Samedi Jeunesse




Berck : Panchico, "Viva Panchico" planche 9. Série datant de la période "Strapontin" où on retrouve encore une petite influence de Macherot. Paru dans le journal Tintin n° 781 de septembre 1963, dans Samedi Jeunesse n° 157 de novembre 1970 et en album aux éditions BDmust en 2010. (Remarque : les journaux et album BD ne sont pas inclus dans la vente).

Encre de chine sur papier. Dimensions : 48,5x34,5 cms

About Berck

Arthur Berckmans (born 3 May 1929), better known as Berck, is a Belgian comics author, best known for Sammy. Arthur Berckmans was born in Leuven in 1929. He studied drawing at the Art academy of Leuven and at the Institut Saint Luc in Brussels. His first job as an illustrator was in 1948 for the Flemish Jesuit magazine Pro Apostolis. He also illustrated some youth novels, and started to work at PubliArt, a publicity division of Le Lombard, where he made many drawings and a few publicitary comics, appearing in many Belgian newspapers and magazines. In 1958, Berck was asked by Tintin magazine to collaborate with René Goscinny on a new comical series, Strapontin. The series became a moderate success, and Berck created a few other series for the magazine, the most notable being Rataplan.In the meantime, he also started working for Zonneland, the youth magazine of Altiora Averbode, the editor of the abbey of Averbode.

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