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Beauty and the Beast Belle's Sisters Make a Wish by Ron Embleton - Illustration

Beauty and the Beast Belle's Sisters Make a Wish


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About Ron Embleton

Ronald Sydney Embleton was born in London in 1930 and studied art from painter David Bomberg. He joined a commercial art studio and started drawing his first comics, mostly adventure comics such as 'The Black Lion', 'Big Flame; Black Hawk' and 'Big Indian', which he signed simply "Ron". At the end of the 1940s, his comics career was interrupted by army service in Malaya, and when Embleton returned in 1950, the British comics scene had changed towards more "American-style" comics. Ron adapted, teaming up with Terence Patrick and James Bleach to produce the 'Gallant' series. A very productive artist, Ron Embleton contributed comics to several magazines, coming up with weekly serials such as 'Forgotten City', 'Black Dagger' and 'Into Strange Lands'. At the same time, he developed an interest in oil painting, eventually combining techniques in 'Wulf the Briton', his first painted strip, which he took over from Ruggerio Giovannini in 1957. Embleton continued to produce historic comics (like 'Wrath of the Gods', 'Roger's Rangers', 'Marco Polo'), his favorite genre, although sometimes side-tracking to science fiction ('Stingray', 'Captain Scarlet'). In 1972, he made an erotic satirical comic for Penthouse, called 'Wicked Wanda' (written by Frederic Mullally). In the late 1970s, Embleton took over the graphical part of the 'Trigan Empire'.