George Pratt, Batman: Harvest Breed - cover - Original Cover

Batman: Harvest Breed - cover

Original Cover
Batman: Harvest Breed


  • Harvest Breed
  • Semic
  • 10/2001
  • Front cover

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About George Pratt

George Pratt is an American cartoonist, inker and illustrator. Author of numerous covers for DC Comics, he won the Eisner Award for Best Painter in 2003 for Wolverine: Netsuke published by Marvel. Born in Beaumont, Texas, George Pratt moved to New York to study drawing and painting at the Pratt Institute in 1980. His work appeared in Epic Illustrated, Heavy Metal, Eagle magazine and many other publications. He did interior illustrations for Bantam Books, Ariel Books and Kipling Press, and cover paintings for DC Comics. A successful painter, he is represented by galleries in New York and his native Houston. His work is in private collections all over the world, and has been exhibited in the Houston Museum of Fine Art. In 1990, he published his first graphic novel, 'Enemy Ace: War Idyll', at DC Comics/Warner Books. It is a brilliantly artistic graphic novel about the First World War, which was nominated for both the Eisner Award and the Harvey Award. Later on, has made a fully painted 'Batman' graphic novel, called 'Harvest Breed', and the 'Wolverine: Netsuke' miniseries for Marvel. He has also worked as a teacher at the Pratt Institute and at the Joe Kubert School of Art. With Steven Budlong and James McGillion, he has made a documentary film about his travels through the Mississippi Delta. Text (c) Lambiek