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Barb Wire - Issue #3, planche 9 by Dan Lawlis, Ian Akin - Comic Strip

Barb Wire - Issue #3, planche 9

Comic Strip
43.18 x 27.94 cm (17 x 11 in.)


In Steel Harbor, a bombed-out wreck of a town, thrill-junkie Barbara Kopetski—better known as Barb Wire—is a bar owner and part-time bounty hunter (in order to pay for her bar, the Hammerhead). She is skilled in many areas, but excels in combat-related abilities. While she has a brother and several allies, she is essentially a loner, although this is something which is uncomfortable for her to think about.

About Dan Lawlis

Since the 1980s, Dan Lawlis has done art for such Marvel (mini)series as 'Strange Tales', 'Avengers Spotlight', 'Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme', 'The Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger', 'Shadowmasters', 'Star-Lord', 'Midnight Sons', and some 'Spider-Man' one-shots. He illustrated 'Barb Wire' and 'Agents of Law' for Dark Horse.


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