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Authority #20 page 11 by Frank Quitely - Comic Strip

Authority #20 page 11 by Frank Quitely

Comic Strip


I really like Frank Quitely's linework. I wanted an inked piece and he only does finished pencils so these are getting harder to find. Nice 2 page sequence.

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About Frank Quitely

Scottish artist Frank Quitely is best known for his work on such series as 'JLA: Earth' and 'Authority'. He began his career drawing for the Scottish underground magazine Electric Soup. He has worked on numerous titles since 1988, starting with the self-published 'The Greens'. This was followed by 'Blackheart', 'Missionary Man', 'Shimura', 'Inaba', and 'The Kingdom: Offspring'. He drew for Judge Dredd and Fleetway since 1993, and did short stories for the 'Big Book of...' series of graphic novels for DC's Paradox Press. He illustrated the graphic novel 'Batman: the Scottish Connection', as well as several stories for DC's Vertigo imprint, including Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman' and Grant Morrison's 'Flex Mentallo'. Marvel credits include 'Captain America' and 'New X-Men'. Text (c) Lambiek