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Attaque sub-terrestre - planche 133, Anticipation n°16, Aredit by Joan Boix, Juan Marin - Comic Strip

Attaque sub-terrestre - planche 133, Anticipation n°16, Aredit

Comic Strip


Juan Marin a collaboré avec Joan Boix pour l'adaptation en BD de ce roman de M.A. Rayjean à partir de la planche 90.


  • Attaque sub-terrestre
  • Artima
  • 09/1980
  • Page 133


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About Joan Boix

Born in Badalona in 1945, Joan Boix had his first comic published in Bruguera's magazine Sissi in 1962. Around the same period, he started working for publishers Toray and Galaor. He was an artist for the Toray collections 'Hazañas Bélicas' (createdy by Boixcar), 'Relatos de Guerra' and 'Serenata'. He wrote and drew 'La Tierra del Futuro' for Galaor, while also drawing for the publisher's titles 'Ben-Hur' and 'Batallas decisivas de la Humanidad'. He also remained active for Bruguera with the serials 'Celia' and 'Capricho'. Joan Boix took a step forward in his career by the mid-1970s, when he produced and owned the copyright of a number of horror and suspense stories that he first published in Dossier Negro. Another personal creation of this period was 'Robny el Vagabundo'. In the 1980s Boix's short stories appeared frequently in the magazines published by Josep Toutain, especially in Creepy. For this horror magazine, he wrote and drew original stories, made literary adaptations for Bruguera's 'Joyas Literarias Juveniles' collection, and created the 'Brumas' with writer E. S. Abulí. Boix was also present in Rambla and Metropol. In the 1990s Swedish publisher SEMIC Press selected Joan Boix as a member of the so-called Team Fantomen. As a result Joan Boix became an illustrator for the Swedish serie 'Phantom' Text (c) Lambiek