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At the psychiatrist by Bob Powell - Comic Strip

At the psychiatrist

Comic Strip


Published on Sick Magazine #4

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About Bob Powell

Bob Powell was an artist who was mainly active during the Golden Age of American comics. Born in 1916 as Stanley Robert Pawlowski, he attended the Pratt Institute in New York City, and went to work for the Eisner-Iger studios in the late 1930s. He worked for many companies through this studios, like Fiction House (Jumbo Comics), Fox (Wonderworld Comics, Mystery Men Comics), and Harvey ('Ted Parrish' in Speed Comics), Timely, Quality (Crack Comics, Hit Comics, Military Comics, Smash Comics, Feature Comics). His most famous work during his Eisner-Iger years was 'Sheena, Queen of the Jungle', which he created for Fiction House's Jumbo Comics. Later on, Powell went to work in Will Eisner's personal studio, and co-plotted the first 'Blackhawk' story in Quality's Military Comics, and co-created 'Spirit of 76' for Harvey's Pocket Comics. When the 'Spirit' Sunday Comic Book section started in 1940, Powell took on the artwork of the 'Mr Mystic' back-up feature, which was written by Eisner. After a while, Powell took on the writing as well, and he continued 'Mr. Mystic' until he joined the Air Force in 1943.