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Aquarelle originale de Vianello by Lele Vianello - Illustration

Aquarelle originale de Vianello

Lele Vianello réalisant l'aquarelle...


Aquarelle originale de Lele Vianello


Aquarelle originale de Vianello pour l'album 'Une île lointaine' paru chez Mosquito

About Lele Vianello

Lele Vianello began his career doing science fiction stories in the magazine Il Mago in the mid-1970s. He then had several publications in Help, Simbad and some local magazines. In 1981, he created 'Venezia, una Singolare Avventura'. In the 1980s, he cooperated with Hugo Pratt on several series and advertising jobs. At the publishing house Casterman, he created 'Le Fanfaron'.

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