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"Après la Fête" - Illustration originale à l'encre de Gilles Rochier



Illustration originale à l'encre de Gilles Rochier pour soutenir la pièce de Théâtre "En fait..." qui se jouera au Théâtre de Verre à Paris (Metro : Max Dormoy) les 12 et 13 décembre prochain.
Format : 21 x 30 cm

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About Gilles Rochier

Gilles Rochier was born in Ermont. He developed his ambitions to become a comic artist while reading Métal Hurlant, and by September 1996 he was publishing his own personal comics in his fanzine Envrac was born in September 1996. The publishing house 6 Pieds Sous Terre eventually published a collection of his work in the album 'Envrac' in 2002. 6 Pieds also released his next book, 'Dernier Étage' in 2005, as well as the autobiographical 'Temps mort' in 2008 and his urban chronicle 'TMLP. Ta mère la pute' in 2011. His square books 'Dunk, Chicken & blood' and 'Love and that fucking duck' were published by Groinge in 2008 and 2009. Rochier also provided the artwork for the first 'Thony Banco' book by Jacques Des Portes in 2006. Rochier has also contributed to small reviews like Stéréocomic, Mycose and Jadeweb, as well as Fabuleux Furieux! by Les Requins Marteaux. Text (c) Lambiek

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