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Ailefroide by Jean-Marc Rochette - Sketch




Dedicace album Ailefroide

About Jean-Marc Rochette

Jean-Marc Rochette was born in Baden-Baden, Germany. He studied art history for one year, but then switched to studies in Plastic Arts in Aix-en-Provence. He published his earliest work in Actuel and Le Canard Sauvage, and then ventured into cinema animation for a while. He eventually made his actual professional comics debut in l'Écho des Savanes in 1976. He started out doing short stories, which were later collected by Futuropolis in the book 'Le Dépoteur de Chrysanthèmes', and then worked with Nikita Mandryka on 'Anodin et Inodore'. In 1980, he started drawing the antopomorphic comic series 'Edmond le Cochon' with scripts by Martin Veyron. The first series ran until 1983, and the strip was revived in 1992. By the mid 1990s he took on new series for À Suivre, such as 'Les Aventures Psychotiques de Napoléon et Bonaparte' and 'L'Or et l'Esprit: Le Tribut'. He worked with Jean-Luc Cornette on the juvenile comic books 'Pizza Quatre-saisons', 'Le Coyote Mauve' and 'Le Joli Petit Cafard', published by Éditions Pastel and Le Seuil. In 1999-2000 he made two new volumes of 'Transperceneige' with Legrand. His characters 'Dico et Louis le Vétilleux', created together with René Pétillon, have appeared in a series of albums published by Albin Michel from 2003. Text (c) Lambiek


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