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2004 - Zozolala (Cover - American KV) by Richard Sala - Original Cover

2004 - Zozolala (Cover - American KV)

Original Cover
31 x 24 cm (12.2 x 9.45 in.)


Cover Dutch magazine Zozolala nr.138 - 2004

About Richard Sala

Richard Sala's work has been appearing in a wide variety of newspapers, books and magazines, as well as on toy packaging, greeting cards and on the internet since the 1980s. After debuting with a self-published magazine, 'Night Drive,' Richard Sala gradually became (as he puts it himself) the "king of the bad anthologies". Once Sala appeared in Raw magazine, he became a regular feature in many different types of magazines, including Buzz, Twist, Escape, Drawn & Quarterly, and Rip Off Comix. He and Charles Burns even found their way into the mainstream by way of MTV's animation showcase 'Liquid Television'. Sala's animated serial, 'Invisible Hands' appeared on MTV, and his work can also be found on the CD-ROMs 'Freak Show' and 'Bad Day on the Midway'. But Sala liked his horror-noir material best, so he concentrated on doing comics for magazines. His "magnum opus", 'The Chuckling Whatsit', was serialized over seventeen issues of the Fantagraphics 'Zero Zero' magazine. His comic book series 'Evil Eye' ran for 12 issues between 1998 and 2001. He has since released several horror-noir graphic novels, including 'Peculia' (2002), 'Mad Night' (2005), 'The Grave Robber's Daughter' (2006), 'Cat Burglar Black' (2009) and 'The Hidden ' (2011). Text (c) Lambiek

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flober75 Nice cover! Good to see some Sala!
Feb 15, 2018, 6:26 PM